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‘Al Taif Medical Center Deira, Dubai’, a well established firm since 1993, based in Deira, Dubai under the supervision of Dr. P S Mohammad Ashraf, MDS, has achieved an excellent track record during the last 25 years for customer satisfaction in the fields of ...

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Dental Department

The Department is lead by Dr. P.S.Mohammad Ashraf


“Effective natural method that has no side effects” Homeopathy is a form of holistic medical system that originated in Europe and is used by over 200 million people world wide. Dr S Anoop

Gynecology Departement & Infertology

MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE- For couples who long for the birth of a baby. At Al Taif, we are dedicated to the cause of helping couples combat and overcome fertility management issues. We realize that each patient is an individual with different needs and issues.

Dr. C Mohamed Ashraf . & Dr. Radhika Ramesh.

Dental Departement - Orthodontics

Giving you a beautiful smile to make you feel good and look better is one of the many benefits of orthodontic treatment. A beautiful smile is not just for the rich and the famous. We all want to look good and feel confident. Beautifully aligned, straight teeth look great and create a smile that gives you the confidence to look and feel your best. Solutions now exists to correct crooked teeth, gaps, protruded teeth, turned tooth, crowded tooth, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting habits, jaw deformities, etc and give you a stunning look and a beautiful smile.

Dr Ketan Parekh MD, M.Ortho (UK)